🌐Redirection Between Multiple Expansion Store

We offer a feature within our app that enables you to establish specific rules using a rule table. These rules are pivotal in determining how you'd like to redirect visitors to your various Expansion stores. Here's a more detailed explanation: 1. Rule Creation: Using this rule table, you can create rules that dictate how visitors should be redirected based on certain criteria. As an example, let's consider a rule that's based on the visitor's country and the corresponding to the Store's URL for that country. 2. Incorporate Rules into the Pop-Up: Once you've established these rules, they are integrated into the pop-up interface. When any user accesses your store, they will encounter this pop-up, which serves as a notification mechanism. 3. User Interaction: Within this pop-up, users will be informed about the available redirection options. In our example, they will see a list of countries along with corresponding store's URLs. 4. User Selection: When a user interacts with the pop-up and clicks on a specific country, the rule you've set up will come into play. The user will be automatically redirected to the expansion store associated with their selected country. In essence, this feature allows you to seamlessly direct users to the most relevant expansion store based on their preferences or location. By configuring these rules in the app, you provide a user-friendly experience that enhances accessibility and ensures that visitors land in the right place, tailored to their needs.

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