💳How to edit Selector?

  1. Access the Customize Section: The first step is to access the customization options for your website. This typically involves logging into your website's admin panel or content management system. Once you're in, look for a section that allows you to customize your website's appearance and functionality.

  2. Select the Area: In the customization section, you'll need to specify where you want to use the selector. This could be in the header of your website, which is the topmost part that usually contains your logo and navigation menu. Alternatively, you might want to use the selector in a different section of your website. Click on the relevant area you want to customize.

  3. Add a Block: Within the selected area, you should find an option to add a new content block or element. This is where you will insert the selector. Click on the "Add Block" or similar button to proceed.

  4. Choose "Market Selector": After clicking "Add Block," you'll see a list of available content elements you can add. Look for the option called "Market Selector." This is the feature you want to include on your website. Click on it to add it to the selected area.

  5. Visual Placement: Once you've added the "Market Selector," you'll see it visually integrated into the area you've chosen. You may be able to further customize its placement or appearance depending on your website's customization options.

  6. Save Your Changes: It's crucial to save your customizations. There should be a "Save" or "Save Changes" button somewhere on the customization page. Click this to ensure that your newly added selector is properly saved and applied to your website.

  7. Preview on Live Store: With your changes saved, you can now navigate to your live website to see the selector in action. Check if it appears and functions as expected. This is your opportunity to make sure everything looks good and works well for your site visitors.

In summary, this process involves accessing your website's customization options, specifying where you want to add the selector, adding the "Market Selector" element, customizing its appearance and placement, saving your changes, and finally, checking the live website to ensure that the selector is working correctly for your audience.

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