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Language and country selector is a redirection tool that assists merchants in directing their customers to the appropriate marketplace or store through the use of a personalized pop-up or selector that matches the design of their website.

Since it is evident that customers desire the simplest and greatest answer, the ideal way to engage them and turn their cart into a sale is to present pop-ups and send them to the appropriate location. Moreover, numerous studies support this claim, and we are acting on behalf of our merchants by offering them the best personalized pop-up that complements the design of their store on a wider scale. Since we always want to create the greatest products for our merchants, we welcome their comments and assist them in putting the best solution into practice in accordance with their store's needs.

Customer satisfaction is our first goal, as we've already stated, which is why we've always believed in offering our merchants free app setup assistance.

If you need any assistance in setup. Kindly contact us. One of customer happiness wizards will contact you within an hour to help you with the setup and provide you the best possible solutions.

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